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MembersTrade® is an exclusive marketplace available to Private Residence Clubs, Fractional Timeshare owners and vacationers interested in trading, renting, buying or selling their vacation property and reward programs. Members are able to post property or points systems on MembersTrade‚Äôs secure database and search for a desired interest from other members. Once a desired match is identified, members initiate correspondence directly to the listing through MembersTrade's secure contact system. MembersTrade® also provides additional premium services. The WishTrip® service conveniently tracks your choices and will contact you automatically when it becomes available. Residence Management assists you by handling all your vacation planning.

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When you post your residence as a trade on MembersTrade®, you are reaching prospects that have a similar desire to trade premium properties and reward programs. Once a potential match is found, you contact the member directly and negotiate the exchange.

Renting and Selling

By posting your residence for rent or sale on MembersTrade® you have access to a clientele of prospects who are looking for luxury vacations. Enjoy a high ratio of responses that match your demographics. MembersTrade® offers negotiation choices. You deal with other members directly without paying additional commissions. Or you may contract a licensed advisor to help you negotiate the exchange with little direct involvement from you.

Managing Your Allocation

If planning your vacation has taken over you life, our Account Mangers will help you take it back. As experts in the reservation systems of all brands, your Account Manger can help you navigate with ease. Your Account Manager also knows when to place your requests and how to follow up in order to maximize your potential of obtaining the week and location you desire. Learn more.

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